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Education is the core mission of this programme which enables ANGKASA to explore frontiers of education in science, technology and engineering, in ways never before envisaged by Malaysians.

In carrying out the Angkasawan™ Programme, ANGKASA aims to involve scientists, educationists, parents, the general public and students (the next generation of explorers) during all phases of selection, training and flight process in multiple and inspirational ways.

Vision and Objective

Angkasawan™ Programme's core ideals are to achieve the following objectives as part of its agenda in advancing the practice of conforming to a standard of excellence in the areas of science, technology and industry of Malaysia.

To inspire all Malaysians to strive for excellence and a unity of purpose and instill a sense of identity that will promote national resolve and enrich their lives.



The Angkasawan™ Programme has been identified as a project as an offset agreement between Malaysia and Russia through the purchase of Sukhoi-30MKM fighter jets. Through this package, the Russian government will bear the cost of training and sending off a Malaysian astronaut to the International Space Station (ISS) by October 2007 inclusive of the backup candidate.

Atmospheric Science

Sains atmosfera merangkumi kajian atmosfera bumi, prosesnya, kesan pada sistem lain yang ada di atmosfera dan kesan atmosfera kepada sistem-sistem yang lain.  Sains atmosfera meliputi meterologi, klimatologi dan  aeronomi. Kini, sains atmosfera telah diperluaskan kepada bidang sains planet dan kajian atmosfera planet-planet lain dalam sistem suria.
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