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Saturday, 30 April 2016 


Asian Try Zero G 2016

Try Zero-Gravity (Try Zero-G) is an unique program that allows public, especially students to propose physical tasks for JAXA Astronauts to demonstrate the difference between 0-G and 1-G for educational purposes. Some of the physical tasks include putting in eye drops, performing push-ups on the ceiling, arm wrestling, making soap bubbles, creating string figures, flying a magic carpet and etc. The activities will be recorded with high-definition video camera, downlinked, edited and used to support education resources for educators. This program highlights the value of microgravity not only to scientists and engineers but also to educators, students and general public. It also helps to inspire young generation the important of space exploration.

Mon, 18/01/2016

International Translational Molecular Medicine Conference and Aero-Space Medicine and Physiology showcase (ICTMIPs 16)

ANGKASA menjadi rakan kerjasama dalam penganjuran International Conference of Translational Molecular Imaging & Aero- Physiology Medicine Showcase (ICT-MIPs2016) yang dterajui oleh Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). Untuk maklumat lanjut penganjuran dan penyertaan program, sila klik ke pautan berikut http://www.ictmips16.com/


Penutupan Galeri Pameran Planetarium Negara

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