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Tuesday, 13 November 2018 


Malaysian agencies requiring satellite image currently rely upon image data and information provided by satellites that are manufactured and operated by foreign international companies. Due to the orbit in which such satellites are located, the images provided are neither timely enough nor does it cater to Malaysia's specific use and need. 

A Medium Aperture Camera Satellite (RazakSATTM), which is Malaysia's own small satellite will be able to provide specific and timely data for its users in Malaysia as well as being able to cater to the needs of countries located on the equatorial belt. The RazakSATTM  spacecraft is a small Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite. It carries an electro-optical payload, a Medium-sized Aperture Camera (MAC), which is a pushbroom camera with 5 linear detectors (1 panchromatic, 4 multi-spectral).

The RazakSATTM satellite will be operated through its ground segment in Malaysia, consisting of a Mission Control Station (MCS) and Image Receiving and Processing Station (IRPS). The engineers will execute RazakSATTM's mission plan, command generation and telemetry receiving, archiving and analysis at the MCS. The IRPS will receive and archive images downloaded from the satellite for post processing and distribution to the users. The development of the RazakSATTM satellite is a collaborative programme between ATSB and Satrec Initiative Co. Ltd, Republic of Korea.


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